The Vine of a Chair

I have not posted a blog except for one in a very long time.  I’ve missed it.  A lot has happened in my life; changing and growing like the vines on this table and chair.

I put myself out there again and had a show at a booth in October 2019.  I did not care for the tearing down/loading and unloading.  My husband and I are not that young anymore.  So I got a permanent booth at Treasure Chest Too in January 2020 and I am hooked on upcycling and reburishing vintage furniture pieces.  And, of course, all my drawing and painting experience in mixed-media is coming into play.

I am bursting with ideas.  My art pictures did not do that good in the booth, but the furniture is doing great!  It’s the venue and I am so glad because I love doing this.

Wait til I tell you about my Artelier! (French for workshop!) and social media plans.

So tonight I leave you with sweet dreams, pursue them no matter your age.  We can be like these endless vines on the chair that grew to the small table.  The Vine that doesn’t die; you know that one and His name is Jesus.

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