Fear Not


These are the same women; one lives in fear and one does not.

IMG_0875Some of us live in a state of fear today.  There has not been a pandemic in the USA that I know of since the 1950s and then the polio vaccine came out in 1955 and polio was all but eradicated in 1955.  I pray we have a vaccine for COVID-19 soon.  However, we are now experiencing black men being gunned down for no reason, looting and riots.  It all sounds like 1968 all over again.  Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy shot dead and riots and protests of the Civil Right Movements.

We are moving backwards it seems; how is his happening in 2020, some 50 years later?  I don’t have the answers, but I know this.  I will find the good in all.  No matter what I will find and see the good in someone; there is good in all of us.  I will not judge.  We are not put here to judge, but to love.  Love conquers fear.  Light always triumphs over darkness.


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