DIY Paint – The Paint Named After Us! Safe, Sustainable & More

As a DIYer, do you want to create safely from home? Did you know there is a paint named after us that is safe and sustainable?  That’s right, DIY Paint!

The DIY Movement continues to grow and safety is our priority.  At Morning Dewdrops, we went from wearing this this…

DIY Paint is safe.  You can paint in your home with no fear of harming yourself, pets or your kids.  And our younger kids always want to help!

DIY Paint is safe and sustainable because it has NO VOCs! (volatile organic compounds)

INGREDIENTS: Love, water, clay, porcelain clay, chalk, alcohol, ester (as a binder), cellulose, pigments, preservative.

When I first started painting years ago, I thought I was using a safe, eco-friendly paint.  It said clean up with soap and water and the paint claimed, “low or minimal VOCs,” but there was a health warning on the label.  I also had to dispose of the waste safely according to state law. OMG! 

In addition, we received a call from a customer who was using another brand of paint with our JRV Stencils. She complained that a film would not come off her stencils. She stated she scrubbed, but the particles floating in the water kept adhering to the stencil.  These particles were probably from an acrylic or other bonding agent.  Acrylic is a transparent plastic that is added to most chalk-based paints on the market today and has a negative impact on our environment.   DIY Paint contains no acrylic, latex or harmful bonding or self-leveling agents.  Remember NO VOCs!

With DIY Paint, I rinse and clean my brushes in a small bucket, then pour the water out in my backyard.  

DIY Paint – Quality, Ease & Affordability

DIY Paint is so minimal, yet so rich.  The foundation (base) is an all-natural clay.  Think of a cake – the foundation of a cake is flour to which you add other ingredients.  Other brands claim their paint is a clay paint, but it is not the foundation.  DIY Paint is

  • 5 times more pigmented than other paints
  • Thick and Creamy
  • A one-step paint meaning no sanding or priming before painting.  This is known as No Prep or Minimal Prep.
  • And there’s no loss of saturation when mixed with water, so drip away!

No. 1 Customer Praise – Easy Blendability

Customers find DIY Paint the best for artisans, beginners and experienced, because the paint is a chameleon for furniture or other surfaces because of its blendability.  The clay creates highs and lows, so when blending, your whole piece has continuity without having to worry.

  • Want fewer brush strokes?  Blend with water. 
  • Want a century-old patina? Paint it on thick or use a palette knife or scraper to push/pull the paint to create the look of shutters in the French Quarter.
  • Want to burnish?  Just like burnishing clay pottery. 
  • Want to see layers?  Wet distress before sealing.
  • Want easy blending?  When blending two or more colors, the clay creates highs and lows and you don’t have to worry about matchy-matchy. Water can be spritzed using a spray bottle for even more blending.


DIY Paint is competitively priced, but you also save by doing it yourself.

  • Décor on a Budget
  • Two Step – Side Step (the expense of paying someone else)

DIY Paint is made in the USA and supports small businesses all while being safe and protecting our environment.

It’s a WIN WIN with DIY Paint, the Paint named after Us!

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