Hi, I’m Terri Stephens, a mixed-media artist,  from Louisiana.  My hope is to inspire women to look within and find their unlimited creativity and to become the figment of their imagination.  Morning Dewdrops is a place to empower women through the visual arts, to encourage creative artful lifestyles and to live authentically by intent without fear or competition.

Several years ago, I found myself living and working out of fear. With that, came self-doubt, so  I asked myself, “What’s it going to be?”  Over time, I found myself  in a new place doing a new thing  even though I’d been blogging since 2010.  Morning Dewdrops evolved, from old to new, and I’m so excited for you to be a part of it.

At Morning Dewdrops, we  learn from each other by collaborating creatively, sharing our personal stories and encouraging one another in business as we embrace our online presence through social media.  In that regard, we benefit from “tech savvy” online tips in automation, applications and artful content.  We may live in a world that tells us we are not creative or in a society that tells us what to think, but we do not dismiss the “figments of our imagination.” At Morning Dewdrops, we like to ask —

“What’s In Your Dewdrop?”


Use Your Imagination and Be The Figment!

~  ~ ~ ~ ~

On a Personal Note

I’m married to Jimmy and we are blessed with four children and three grandchildren (so far). My passions include being art through prayer, visualizing, painting and sewing.  My interests include digital design, creative artful content, motivational speaking and social networking.  My mission is to empower women to be the figment of their imagination; to be successful as their authentic selves, and to never live in fear.