Clay Pots – Painted & Stamped


I was on the hunt for a big clay pot and this one is as big as a car tire!  Here it is in my booth at Pineville Treasure Chest Too with a picnic basket in it, LOL.  Gotta take advantage of small spaces.


I finished these pots during COVID19.  I bought the bigger pots at an estate sale the month prior and I knew exactly what I was going to do with them.  I was inspired by a video I saw on YouTube by Iron Orchid Designs (IOD) and they used one of their gorgeous, larger (clear/unmounted) stamps.  You should check them out.

I used a stamp I already had and I am certainly not comparing these pots with the one done in the video, but I like how they turned out.   The pots are sealed, so they can be used outdoors.

It didn’t take long before someone took home the big guy; one of a kind!

Love to get inspired – to inspire you! – Terri

Vintage Tray, Aged Patina, No Sanding – DIY Paint


I love the patina on this 1980’s vintage wooden tray and how easy it is to achieve with DIY paint.  I did not sand or wet sand, so the wood was not harmed. Natural patina is worn beauty, not tortured salvage.   It doesn’t have to look like someone tied the tray to their bumper and went hauling down the road.    

To get this look with DIY paint, simply use a wet rag.  That’s one of the beauties of DIY paint; it responds to water prior to sealing the paint with BIG Top topcoat or one of their waxes.

The flower image was also easy to distress and it looks like the image simply faded over time.  Wetting the paint with a continuous spray or fine-mist water bottle does the trick.

“I love me some drip action.”

Take it from someone who has painted for over ten years; this paint makes these painterly effects easier.  People will ask how you did it; well, I’ve gotta say – We have enough frustration in our daily lives and I don’t bring it into my creativity.  It’s the quality of the paint and the tools you use that make creating more enjoyable.


DIY paint colors – Crinoline, Hey Sailor, Gypsy Green and Petticoat Pink.  BIG TOP topcoat.  IOD (Iron Orchid Design) stamp.

The Vine of a Chair

I have not posted a blog except for one in a very long time.  I’ve missed it.  A lot has happened in my life; changing and growing like the vines on this table and chair.

I put myself out there again and had a show at a booth in October 2019.  I did not care for the tearing down/loading and unloading.  My husband and I are not that young anymore.  So I got a permanent booth at Treasure Chest Too in January 2020 and I am hooked on upcycling and reburishing vintage furniture pieces.  And, of course, all my drawing and painting experience in mixed-media is coming into play.

I am bursting with ideas.  My art pictures did not do that good in the booth, but the furniture is doing great!  It’s the venue and I am so glad because I love doing this.

Wait til I tell you about my Artelier! (French for workshop!) and social media plans.

So tonight I leave you with sweet dreams, pursue them no matter your age.  We can be like these endless vines on the chair that grew to the small table.  The Vine that doesn’t die; you know that one and His name is Jesus.

Fear Not


These are the same women; one lives in fear and one does not.

IMG_0875Some of us live in a state of fear today.  There has not been a pandemic in the USA that I know of since the 1950s and then the polio vaccine came out in 1955 and polio was all but eradicated in 1955.  I pray we have a vaccine for COVID-19 soon.  However, we are now experiencing black men being gunned down for no reason, looting and riots.  It all sounds like 1968 all over again.  Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy shot dead and riots and protests of the Civil Right Movements.

We are moving backwards it seems; how is his happening in 2020, some 50 years later?  I don’t have the answers, but I know this.  I will find the good in all.  No matter what I will find and see the good in someone; there is good in all of us.  I will not judge.  We are not put here to judge, but to love.  Love conquers fear.  Light always triumphs over darkness.


Dripping with Tenacity – Handbags & Bed Pillow Sham– Gorgeous!

She makes for a great handbag — She’s a big front pocket with pleated designer fabric and leather straps and accents, but there’s more — MORE!  See the back below.

Display MMD 4

The left side of the artwork made for a great back outside pocket — It sure did! and what there’s MORE!!  See pillow below.


This art-designed standard pillow cover is one of a kind.  Totally dripping!! ha ha — Ultra fine linen canvas/100% cotton canvas envelope back.

Display MMD 2