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In the MyDomaine issue published today, (March 1, 2022), Rabekah Henderson wrote the article, “30 Dreamy Vintage Bedroom Ideas” stating,

“Bedrooms can be decorated and designed in nearly any style—from boho to French farmhouse to minimalist. But sometimes, what's worked before is best. In those cases, add a little vintage style to your bedroom—it's easy to do, and it's easy to make uniquely you.”


 Cheers to all those dealers, booth vendors and vintage markets!


These small business owners go to garage sales, estate sales, barn sales, salvage yards and their own vintage flea markets to find the best for their customers. 

According to Vicki Spears, “It’s the Thrill of the Hunt to find that perfect piece and you have to love it, or you wouldn’t do it.”


Morning Dewdrops brings life back to the forgotten, creatively and sustainably, while offering a range of eco-friendly products, and we have never met a more resourceful person that one who is in the vintage booth business.


Each vintage piece is hand-selected and often repaired, painted and fully restored. After which, these items are often photographed or arranged in our booths in “Vintage Vignettes.”  

   Not only do we booth vendors love to restore unique pieces, but we also support each other by shopping at the different booths in one of our three locations in Central Louisiana.

“It’s more a collaboration than a competition.” – Morning Dewdrops

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To wrap this blog post up, you may also want to check out another article, this one by Caroline Utz in the MyDomaine, (September 28, 2021 issue), entitled “Bring in the Old:” Why Vintage Furniture is Having a Design Moment.”  Ms. Utz quoted designer Kerry Vasquez saying,

"I think clients love the unique and cultivated look a vintage piece can add to a room," Nothing adds patina and an immediate visual story like a good vintage piece. Vintage always adds personality and a sense of time and place, all of which I feel add to the layering and depth of a space."


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Written by Terri L. Stephens
Morning Dewdrops by Terri Stephens © 2022
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Images curated by Morning Dewdrops from Los Angeles, CA at Universal Studios (Warner Brothers) and Pineville Treasure Chest Too, Treasure Chest Alexandria and from Facebook - Treasure Chest Tioga 

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