What if everything you can imagine is real?



Pablo Picasso was one of the most influential figures in 20th century art. How did this happen?  It was more than practice and technique.  Picasso had a vision and believed everything he could imagine was real.

Pablo Picasso was a starving artist in his earlier years and burned his paintings to keep warm in his Paris apartment.  Yet, as stated above, he was one of the most influential figures in 20th century art (www.pablopicasso.org).  Picasso was a master. a visionary who believed in the power of imagination.

What if everything you can imagine is real?

“What if” is always an excellent place to start because it opens the mind to your imagination.  Ask yourself, “If time, health and resources were not issues, what would my life look like?”  Think of your health, lifestyle, relationships and business.  What would your day be like? Write these ideas down in your journal for at least 21 consecutive days.

As your imagination expands, so does your vision.  “What if you had the resources to make a difference in a cause you are passionate about?”  What would it look like?  Write about it in your journal. At this point, you will not have all the answers, so do not be concerned about how these things will be accomplished.

Lastly, expect excellent ideas to come and be grateful. Keep notes of any new ideas throughout the day.  Do not let your mind tell you it is foolish; just take notes.  Add these ideas to your journal and write down any additional thoughts.

After 21 days, ask yourself “What if everything I can imagine is real?”

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It’s Art!

In the fine art of living, we creative beings, simply say, “It’s Art!”

  So, let there be…Art!

In the movie, Mona Lisa Smile (2003), there is a scene of, “It’s Art!”  In this scene, Julia Roberts is an art history professor and Julia Stiles is a student at Brown University in 1953-54. The college professor is attempting to broaden the student’s mind to be more open, to think beyond the course syllabus…

…..“Art isn’t art until someone says it is,” (student)

“ It’s art!” (professor)

“The right people.” (student)

“Who are they?” (professor)

“… Just look at it again.  Look beyond the paint. Let us try to open our minds to a new idea…” (professor)….

~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~  ~

Art is not just a painting,  writing or a sculpture. Art is life; art is living even if it’s one big hot mess at that moment.  We can, in that moment, jot down creative thoughts or ideas in order to plant that seed for it to nurture and grow.


Plant A Creative Seed and Watch It Grow

All Seeds Bear Fruit of Their Own Kind; What’s on your mind?

That seed will multiply.  So take that “figment of your imagination” and write it down because our minds want to take our creative nudges and dismiss them as nothing, or better yet, to be forgotten…

Be The Figment!