JRV Stencils

 JRV Stencils are made in America and designed by Jami Ray Vintage.  JRV Stencils also collaborates with Designs by Vintage Retail Therapy by Mara for JRV Stencils. JRV Stencils are 15 mils thick compared to other stencils at 4-8 mils thick. Even customed stencils are usually only 10-12 mils thick.  With JRV Stencils, you can create raised stencil with textured mediums & not damage the stencil.

In addition, DIY Paint is an excellent paint to use with JRV Stencils because it makes clean up easy. All you need is water and dishwashing liquid. No plastic film is left behind to scrub off the stencil because DIY Paint contains no acrylic or binding agents.