2023 Planner & Art Journaling

For 2023, our journal magazine, The Art of Doing, has a new motto, “Ya Just Gotta Do It.”  We’re hoping this planner/journal toolkit will help you become focused on your dreams.  Writing down your ideas and plans affirms more ideas of how to get to your destination.

There are many digital calendars & planners and we use them too.  However, we are visual beings who love to create tactile planners/journals, so we like to incorporate the two, digital and tangible.  We use our cell phones, tablets and laptops to jot down reminders, text ideas, etc., then we expand on those ideas & thoughts within our tangible journals and planners.

I'm Terri Stephens and I have been making faux Midori traveler's planners and art journaling for over 17 years.  I am happy to offer this 2023 Planner and Journal PDF Toolkit which contains all the pages you need to print for your faux Midori traveler's notebook/planner/journal.  


Instructions are contained in the .PDF, however, watching the video will give you more detailed instructions of how to stencil and decoupage a planner, how to cut and fold the pages, make the cover notebooks and leather cover and how to assemble each. (Youtube Video Link at bottom of post.)

The PDF link below is from Dropbox.  I believe you will have to download the .PDF and save it before you can print any of the pages. At least, that is the way it worked for me, but all sites and computers are different and you may have used Dropbox before.  It is just a site to store and share large files.

The PDF file contains 2023 Monthly Calendars, Weekly Goal Lists, Project  and Tracker pages along with Ruled, Dotted and Graph Lined pages.


The Link To the 2023 Planner/Journal .PDF is below




 Happy Planning & Journaling  -  Terri
#Ya Just Gotta Do It"







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