Scumble Artisan Enhancements™ Scumble is a translucent, glaze-like, medium and extender used to increase the open time of paint. Formulated with advanced chemistry - Scumble is non-toxic, low VOC, and eco-friendly!

Use:  A tintable medium used to create custom color glazes. Create traditional glaze effects on sealed or prepared painted surfaces. Scumble can be tinted with a variety of pigment sources including universal tint systems, water-based paints, and mineral pigments. Great for a variety of interior projects such as: furniture, cabinetry, decorative arts, and walls. Coverage: Varies based on application.

Prep: Before getting started, review tip sheets or visit your local retailer for additional instructions. Surfaces should be free of cleaner residue, dust, dirt, and debris. If painting a basecoat, paint should be completely dry before applying Scumble. Depending on technique, painted, porous or untreated surfaces may need to be sealed with a topcoat. Prepared surfaces should be completely dry before application.

Recommended Application: Stir before use - Do not shake. To tint Scumble: Start with a 3:1 ratio (3-part Scumble to 1-part tint/paint/pigment). Add tint source to Scumble glaze medium. Stir mixture thoroughly to combine. Test on a sample piece. If desired, add more Scumble for lighter glazes or more tint for darker glazes. Brush/roll-on tinted Scumble mixture to sealed painted surface. Wait approximately 2-5 minutes for glaze to set. Using a clean moistened sea sponge or a lint/dye free cloth, wipe back excess Scumble glaze. Color depth depends on the length of time Scumble sits on the painted surface and amount of excess glaze removed. Test on a sample piece to determine length of time to achieve desired finish. Stir tinted Scumble mixture before, during, and after each application. Do not apply product when air and surface temperatures are below 50°F (10°C).

Dry Time: "Open time" refers to the amount of time a product can be exposed to air before drying. Scumble has an extended open time of approximately 25 minutes before drying. If adding more layers, once Scumble is completely dry, apply a thin layer of topcoat to protect Scumble and paint layers from reopening with moisture. Allow layers to completely dry overnight before applying additional layers or sealer. Dry times between layers may be extended due to number of coats/layers, humidity, and cooler temperatures.

Seal: Once dry, seal surfaces with a topcoat or furniture waxes. Follow instructions for applying topcoat or furniture waxes and for curing time.

Surface Care: Once sealed and cured, maintain surfaces with a dry or damp soft microfiber cloth. Avoid excessive exposure to moisture. Avoid repeated scrubbing. Avoid cleaning with harsh, caustic, or abrasive cleaners.

Clean up & Storage: Easy clean up with mild soap and water. Storage - seal the container tightly. Do not freeze or expose to direct sunlight/extreme heat. RECYCLE CONTAINERS in accordance with local laws.

Tips & Hints: 

  • Scumble and custom Scumble Glaze mixtures work best over dry, sealed surfaces.
  • Scumble can be used as a slip coat for blended and dry-brush techniques. Apply a thin coat of Scumble to a dry pre-painted and sealed surface. While Scumble is still wet, apply paint over the Scumble layer. Use a brush or sea sponge to blend, soften, and manipulate the paint.
  • Scumble glaze mixtures thicken over time with air exposure. The thicker consistency will not affect the finish. If a thinner mixture is preferred, add more Scumble to the existing mixture.
  • Scumble Extender and Leveler: Add 5% Scumble to paint to extend open times and help reduce brushstrokes. 

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