About Morning Dewdrops' Blueprint

All of my siblings are creative in business and other passions and I have been a mixed-media artist for over fifteen years. Several years ago, my sisters and I attended a Merry Market event to sell our handmade items. That was a milestone in overcoming fear because it gave me the courage to become a booth vendor in a vintage marketplace.

I create, among other things, furniture, home décor and canvas art. After inhaling cancerous chemicals one day, we embarked upon an unexpected journey.  We found and fell in love with DIY Paint, Artisan Enhancements and Jami Ray Vintage products and began offering those brands to our customers.  Once you begin your journey with sustainable, eco-friendly products, you will find it doesn’t stop there (at least it hasn’t for us.)

Our kids continue to influence us in creating safely for you and our planet. As such,  we will soon have Morning Dewdrops' beeswax candles, lavender & rosemary stress-relief items, botanically-dyed products & punch needle art using natural fibers.  At present, we expanded and now carry the all-natural JRV Beauty Skin Care line.  

Morning Dewdrops’ Blueprint is ever changing and the footprints we leave are creative, collaborative  and center around our cosmos and care for each other.

Our Creative Footprint - Recreate, Refresh & Redefine - Discover inspiring stories to help you take action with "The Art of Doing" no matter your art, craft or passion.

You will find creative content on our blog and videos with emphasis on vintage, color palettes & home décor. As Morning Dewdrops grows, you will also find exploration in botanical dying, the Art of Sewing, Fiber Art, Beeswax Candle Making and Herbal Bliss for you and home.

Our Community Footprint - Discover inspiring stories to help you in your artful endeavors, whether handmade or repurposed, with products made in the USA & Canada.

You will find collaborative content including interviews on our blog and videos in support of Small Businesses with emphasis on community.

Our Cosmos Footprint – Sustainable & Eco-Friendly – Discover inspiring stories to help keep you, your family and our planet safe.

You will find meaningful content on our blogs and videos in support of resource-efficiency and eco-friendly products. 

We advocate for these issues and support the awareness to the importance of bee farms, organic farming and community marketplaces.

Our Care Footprint – Self Care & Balance – Discover inspiring stories to help you and your family nurture your skin and body in healthy ways.

You will find content on our blogs & videos with emphasis on natural skincare, stress relief and ways to slow down. 

We support awareness of the importance of whole grain, organically grown vegetables and for the need of grass-fed livestock to maintain a healthy lifestyle.