Artisan Enhancements Co

Professional Decorative Coatings

Artisan Enhancements™ is focused on producing high-quality, bio-sustainable, professional decorative coatings and mediums. They supply these specialty products to decorative paint stores, artisans, faux finishers and DIY enthusiasts.  DIY Paint and Artisan Enhancements are both made for artisans from natural ingredients.  Artisan Enhancements works beautifully with paint containing no acrylics, latex, binders or sealers; hence, the two complement each other very well. 

Why Artisan Enhancements?  

 Why Artisan Enhancement Paint Brushes

Artisan Enhancements' partnership with Nour Trading House, Inc., offers you professional, premium paint brushes for artisans at moderate prices comparable to other higher-priced premium brushes. We at Morning Dewdrops have worked with many paint brushes and have truly found no other line of premium paint brushes that compare to the professional results as do these brushes. 

It is important to read Why Artisan Enhancements (linked above) and Artisan Enhancements Tips from the Main Menu to find a Tip Sheet on the Artisan Enhancements products in which you are interested. This will help you select the best product for your needs and includes any disclaimers.

Artisan Enhancement products are not available with free shipping offers. Artisan Enhancement products will be shipped at the lowest shipping rates possible. Shipping is only available within the Continental United States from this site.