Crackle Tex

Artisan Enhancements™ Crackle Tex is a thick bodied crackle medium. Developed to create crackle techniques and textures when layered with water-based paints and plasters. Formulated with advanced chemistry - Crackle Tex is non-toxic, zero VOC, and eco-friendly!

Use: Reproduce the look of aged, weathered paint and/or plaster. Crackle Tex can be used to achieve chunky and chipped effects. Great for a variety of interior applications and surfaces such as: furniture, cabinetry, decorative arts, and walls.

Coverage: Varies based on application.

Prep: Before getting started, review tip sheets or visit your local retailer for additional instructions. Surfaces should be free of cleaner residue, dust, dirt, and debris. If painting a basecoat, paint should be completely dry before applying Crackle Tex. Porous or untreated surfaces may need to be sealed with a topcoat. 

Recommended Application:  Stir before use - Do not shake. Brush/roll-on a liberal coat of Crackle Tex to a prepared or base painted surface. Avoid over brushing or over working Crackle Tex layer. Crackle Tex goes on "milky", but when fully dry should be clear. Once completely dry, apply a topcoat layer of paint or plaster over the Crackle Tex layer. Do not over work or over brush paint layer. As the topcoat of paint/plaster begins to dry, cracks will appear. For subtle cracked weathered paint techniques- Use a brush or roller to apply the paint topcoat. To achieve a textured chipped crackle paint effect- Before topcoat layer of paint is fully dry, use a sea sponge or damp cloth to manipulate paint as cracks begin to appear. For easy plaster applications- Use a Color Shaper or a trowel to apply plaster topcoat for thick and heavy crackled finishes. Do not apply product when air and surface temperatures are below 50°F (10°C).

Dry Time: Crackle Tex layer must be completely dry and clear before adding topcoat layer of paint over Crackle Tex. If adding more layers of paint, plaster, glaze, or a color wash - once crackle layer of paint/plaster is dry, a thin layer of a topcoat may be needed to protect the crackle paint/plaster layer from reopening with moisture. Allow layers to dry overnight before applying additional layers or sealer. Dry times between layers may be extended due to number of coats/layers, humidity, and cooler temperatures.

Seal: Once dry, seal surfaces with a topcoat or furniture waxes.  Application and cure times may vary. Refer to instructions of brands of topcoat or waxes for application and cure times.

Surface Care: Once sealed and cured, maintain surfaces with a dry or damp soft microfiber cloth. Avoid excessive exposure to moisture. Avoid repeated scrubbing. Avoid cleaning with harsh, caustic, or abrasive cleaners.

Clean up & Storage: Easy clean up with mild soap and water. Storage - seal the container tightly. Do not freeze or expose to direct sunlight/extreme heat. RECYCLE CONTAINERS in accordance with local laws.

Tips & Hints:

  • Tools and application methods vary the type of cracks produced. For controlled crack patterns – Using a brush, apply Crackle Tex and paint layer in linear strokes. For irregular crack patterns- Using a brush, apply Crackle Tex and paint Layer in haphazard strokes. For smaller irregular, “web-like”, crack patterns – Using a roller, apply Crackle Tex and paint using even linear strokes to avoid lap lines.
  • Cracks can range from subtle to exaggerated depending on the type of paint or plaster topcoat. Crackle Tex works best with ultra-matte, flat, mineral and clay based waterborne paints/plasters.
  • Avoid excessive pressure and over brushing the topcoat of paint/plaster. Early appearing cracks can accidently be painted/smoothed over by overworking topcoat layers.
  • To create the look of cracked plaster or stucco, Crackle Tex can be layered with VP Antico or Fine Stone. For heavy plaster applications, two coats of Crackle Tex can be applied if needed. Allow each coat to fully dry before applying additional coats of Crackle Tex and before applying plaster. Allow plaster layer to dry overnight before adding additional layers or sealing.

Morning Dewdrops Disclaimer - We offer DIY Paint and Finishes and Artisan Enhancements products.  We provide tips or answers to questions about these products when working in conjunction with each other. 

We do not provide these tops or answer these questions pertaining to any other brands of paint topcoats, sealers, waxes or other finishing products.


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