Florentine Craft Also Resembles French & English Decors - How to Video

During the Renaissance, Florence was renown throughout Europe for paintings, gold gildings and intricate designs in marble and wood. We at Morning Dewdrops feel a substitute can be satisfying in the recreation of these designs while supporting a timeless culture.

We took a small, vintage jewelry box & gave her a makeover.

WOW! What a BIG impact! She's Gorgeous! 

Florentine style crafts are ornate with gold gilding and decoupage

used in frames, trays and furniture.

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 Written by Terri L. Stephens
Morning Dewdrops by Terri Stephens © 2022

Supplies Used in Video --

DIY Paint Crystal Clear Chandelier Liquid Patina, Aviary, Bead Board, Faded Burlap & Cake Batter

Artisan Enhancements – Crackle Tex, Leaf and Foil Size, Foil Gold, and Scumble

iFlexwood Products

Video -- 

How to Decoupage with an Iron - https://youtu.be/NnoIsxAbJQE

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