How To Create a French Trumeau Mirror

Don't you just love French Trumeau Mirrors?  Watch how we bring a board and mirror together to make the French Trumeau Mirror with a little paint, decoupage paper, molds and trims (and a little help from a master forger). It's pretty easy!

Paint Products Used on Trumeau Mirror

DIY Paint - Bead Board and Cardinal Red, Crystal Clear Liquid Patina, Golden Ticket Liquid Patina, Clear Wax, Dark Beautiful Brown Wax

To Create the Bole - DIY Paint -  Carnival Red, Fire Starter and Layered Chocolate 

To Create the Crackle - Artisan Enhancements Crackle Tex

Brushes  - Artisan Enhancements Flat Brush and Large Round Brush

iFlex Wood Products  - Trim IFW 4002, Pair Corner Scrolls IFW 0378-0379, Scroll (center top and bottom) IFW 1365 and Shell Plume IFW 1659

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 Written by Terri L. Stephens
Morning Dewdrops by Terri Stephens © 2022
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