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Artisan Enhancements Brush Round Small 1"

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The 1" (25mm) Small Round Brush - Crafting Perfection since 1978.  is the perfect tool for applying texture mediums, paint, and wax. The smaller diameter, round shape, and densely packed synthetic bristles make this all-purpose brush ideal for a variety of applications and techniques.


  • Medium-firm stiffness – great for texture medium and wax applications
  • High-quality polyester bristles (increased pick-up, release, and retention)
  • Rust resistant stainless-steel ferrule
  • Round hardwood handle for better grip
  • Versatile Use – texture mediums, paint, stenciling, and wax
  • Developed for water-based & oil-based applications

Our recommended brush for furniture wax and Artisan Enhancements Texture Mediums and Crackle Tex.

Size: 25mm (1″)
Filament Type: Polyester
Brush Type: Round Brush
Handle Style: Round Handle
Flex: Medium-Firm

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 For more than 25 years, Nour Trading House Inc. has been dedicated to developing the best painting tools available in the market. From selecting the finest natural bristle to crafting exceptional synthetic filament brushes – every product is designed for outstanding performance. Professional painters prefer Nour. While numerous paintbrush manufacturers put their filaments through 2 stages of processing, Nour goes the extra mile and puts many of their paintbrush filaments through up to 10 separate stages of processing, thus creating an unmatched filament quality. The surface of their filaments are conditioned using proprietary techniques in order to achieve easier cleanability, increased resistance to curling and flaring, and increased paint pickup and release ratio. Tips of filament are cut in order to create split ends. This gives a paintbrush an increased brush head surface area thus increasing the amount of paint that can be loaded, a regulated flow of paint preventing dumping or dripping, and finer tips that leave the paint surface smoother.  Synthetic brushes use mixes of TynexOrel, and Chinex tapered filaments which are further processed in-house to ensure a spectacular finish.

Weight 0.15 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 7 in
Brush Type

25mm Round Brush


Artisan Enhancements