10 Ways To Use DIY Paint Making Powders

Mica Making Powders (New Year's Eve and Silver Lining.)

Pigment Making Powders: Bright Side - Intense Bright Yellow, Date Night (Intense Paris Lipstick Red), Elizir (Intense Royal Blue), Orange U Glad (Intense Orange), Patchouli (Intense Dark Lavender), Plant Lady (Intense Green) Pool Party (Intense Teal), Van Gogh Go (Intense Mustard LOVE!) and Violacious (Intense Purple)




1.  Create new colors by adding to paint.  

2.  Intensify like colors.

3.  Add to paper clay or molding clay or textured mediums like plasters, grounds & pastes.

4.  Use like DIY Paint Decrepit Dust and add to ornate areas over clear wax. See DIY Paint Decrepit Dust

5.  Add to DIY Paint clear wax to make tinted waxes.

6.  Add to DIY Paint Big Top for a tinted sealer (topcoat).

7.  Paint on Fabric by adding to DIY Paint Crystal Clear Liquid Patina (must be heat set).

8.  Add to DIY Paint Crystal Clear Liquid Patina for additional color to decoupage top coat, etc. Also add to the other DIY Liquid Patinas like Golden Ticket or Cooper Patina for amazing results.

9.  Mix with Resins.

10.  Mix with Encaustics.


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