Home Decor NO SEW Pillow Wraps Tutorial

We’re wrapping it up in No Sew Pillow Wraps.  Did you know according to the latest trends, the sales of the home décor pillow are up? They are affordable and the range is endless adding dimension, color, pattern and texture to any room and that is why designers are ramping up the volume in home décor pillows.

We believe it is hands down the most affordable way to change out your home décor throughout the seasons without breaking the bank. And if you are one who doesn’t want to commit to new colors or patterns on walls, do it with pillows. We’re showing you a way to repurpose your existing home décor pillows, so it is sustainable! It’s the Pillow Wrap! And we’ve found a way for you to make it without sewing AND Reversible!  

For a handy reference, we've listed below the video all the supplies you will need, the pattern measurements, how to set your DIY Paint permanently to the fabric, how to care for your pillow wraps AND IDEAS FOR REVERSIBLE WRAPS! (Be sure to read handy reference & wash fabric prior to starting.)

Here's the video!  Follow Along For A Complete Step-by-Step Tutorial! The chapters are listed below the video, so you can move to the location you need to see easily.

Chapters / Time Stamps

0:00 Intro

6:07 How To Make No Sew Pillow Wrap

25:13 Using Our Stencil & Color Palette

26:53 How to Create Painterly Stenciling

45:20 Reveal of our Pillow Wrap with Painterly Pumpkins

49:22 – Reversible Pillow Wrap Reveal Stenciling

No Sew Supplies

Fabric - The easiest fabric to work with is a natural fabric like 100% cotton or linen.  We used Duck Cloth sometimes referred to as a utility fabric or canvas fabric.  If you use a drop cloth as your fabric, choose one that is described as a 100% cotton drop cloth suitable for making drapes.  There is a big difference in the types of fabric used when purchasing drop cloths.

Generally, you can make three pillow wraps with a yard of fabric.  You will have fabric left over depending on the width of your fabric.

Wash and dry your fabric to get out all the chemicals and sizing.  Next iron your fabric. 

HeatnBond - Ultra Iron-On Adhesive (RED PACK) No Sew

Elastic Ribbon – We used Mandala Crafts Fold Over Elastic Band 5/8 inches in Cream (used for baby hair bows).

No Sew Pattern Size

Rip your fabric on the grain as shown in the video following along the selvage.  Rip 11 inches each.  Cut the 11” piece of fabric to 36”.  

The HeatnBond pieces needed are: One Piece 34” x 5.5” and Two 1” x 11” Strips and Two 1” x 5.5” Strips

Elastic Ribbon – Four 8” pieces of ribbon

Supplies Used To Stencil & Paint

JRV Stencils

JRV Stencil Brushes - https://morningdewdrops.com/collections/jrv-stencil-brushes

DIY Paint Colors

Cowgirl Coral - https://morningdewdrops.com/products/cowgirl-coral-diy-paint

Fire Starter - https://morningdewdrops.com/products/fire-starter-diy-paint

Aviary - https://morningdewdrops.com/products/aviary-diy-paint

Vintage Linen - https://morningdewdrops.com/products/vintage-linen-diy-paint

Layered Chocolate - https://morningdewdrops.com/products/layered-chocolate-diy-paint

Queen Bee - https://morningdewdrops.com/products/queen-bee-diy-paint

Copper Patina (Pennies from Heaven) – https://morningdewdrops.com/products/copper-liquid-patina-aka-pennies-from-heaven

How To Heat Set DIY Paint Permanently To The Fabric

Wait an hour or two to set your paint. To set the DIY Paint permanently to your fabric, simply heat set it.  Use an iron with parchment paper.  Lay the parchment paper over the painted stencil image and iron.  Use the highest temperature setting as recommended for the fabric. 

How to Care for Your Pillow Wraps

100% Cotton – Wipe Clean with damp rag & mild soapy cleanser.  Then wipe with damp clean rag with only water to rinse. Let air dry.  If ironing is needed, use parchment paper over the painted image and iron as described above.

Ideas for Reversible Pillow Wraps

Reversible With Christmas Decor

Reversible With Autumn Decor

Reversible With Seasonal or Home Decor


Please let us know if you have any questions. 
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